Tungsten Products

AERO INDUSTRIES offers a full compliment of metallic electrode materials and sizes. We carry a full range of brass, copper, tungsten, tungsten carbide, copper tungsten and TELCO (tellurium copper)..

Copper Tungsten combines the strength, high density, and high melting point of Tungsten with the excellent electrical properties and good resistance against DC arcing of copper to form an unbeatable combination.

Copper Tungsten is generally sold in the 70W:30Cu grade. It is possible to purchase Copper Tungsten with different ratios. A higher Tungsten content would improve the corner wear at the expense of lower cutting stability and higher cost It is important to note that Copper Tungsten typically cuts only half as fast as Copper..

Rounds, tubes, plates,
square bars, rectangles, sheets.

Pure Tungsten is recommended for EDMing small diameter holes .001”diameter ~ .010” diameter. Due to its strength, high density, and high melting point, tungsten electrodes are more resistant to electrode wear than any other electrode material..

Rods, plates.

Tungsten Carbide has extraordinary stiffness and low wear properties, Tungsten Carbide is often the preferred electrode material for applications requiring very small holes put in by sinker EDM or Small Hole EDM.

Since Tungsten Carbide is very brittle, it is best utilized with rotating spindles that have tilt and centering adjustments or guide bushings, since Carbide cannot be trued in the spindle by bending..

Rods, plates.