EDM Fluids

Commonwealth EDM-244

EDM 244 is the most popular and most highly respected dielectric fluid in North America. This is the fluid that first made operators aware that dielectric fluids did not have to be hazardous. It is the definitive “universal dielectric fluid” used throughout the medical, automotive and aerospace world. EDM-244 is now also what we believe to be the first dielectric fluid registered to NSF H1 & HT1 standards..


Hangsterfer’s Interlyte

Interlyte possesses one of the lowest viscosities of any dielectric fluid. This combined with the low specific gravity, means faster more efficient flushing and filtration. The result is increased metal removal rates by as much as 30%. Filtration is improved due to less carbon and residue formation. The filter lasts longer and particulates are prevented from returning to the electrode work piece interface..


IonoPlus 3000®

As a truly universal dielectric, lonoPlus 3000® is suited for all operations from the finest finishing processes to the most effective rough cut. Besides having the best possible effectiveness in flushing and the greatest possible disruptive strength, it offers a whole series of unique advantages..