Graphite Heating Elements

Aero Industries LLC. high density graphite is the ideal material for use in vacuum heating elements. High density graphite materials are very inert, they get stronger with temperature, has low expansion coefficient and will not seize after heating. High density graphite is brittle but inexpensive and machined conventionally from large blocks, therefore very large sized graphite elements can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our high strength ultra fine grained graphite enables small very intricate elements to be manufactured . Graphite has a low expansion coefficient and is not degraded by constant heating and cooling, and also gets stronger as its temperature increases. It can operate over 2000 °C in an inert atmosphere or in vacuum and <500°C if oxygen is present. Graphite elements have the ability to take very high current density, and therefore very fast ramp up times can be achieved.




Bar Elements


Curved Elements


Plate Elements